An exquisite events venue, boasting spectacular views of the City Market.

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Now, a place for celebration. Centuries ago, a bakery.


"Johann Christian Heinrich Claussen (JCF, 1823-1910) and his brother Frederick W. Claussen (1821-1894) purchased the vacant Market Street parcels from Charleston City Council in 1856 and constructed the current building at 36 N. Market. They were German immigrants born in Kirch-Hatten Oldenburg who emigrated to Charleston in the late 1840s. The brothers owned and operated a series of bakeries and grist mills in the vicinity of the market, including a steam bakery at 36 N. Market. They had completed their Market Street building by July 1856, when they paved the sidewalk in front of their store with slate."


Merchants Hall, at a glance



  • Historic elements are prevalent alongside beautiful, luxurious finishes.

  • Merchants Hall has character and charm of its own, but the venue fades into the background and lends itself wonderfully to any event's design.

  • Our kitchen allows Charleston's talented caterers to have the supplies they need to prepare a memorable meal.

  • Opulently-appointed bridal/hosts' suite provides a private area to relax and enjoy.


Square Footage
2,800 square feet

Standing Capacity
210 people (including staff)

Seated Capacity (60" rounds)
210 people (including staff)


On Season
Weekdays: $1800
Weekends: $4500

Off-Season (Jan, Feb, July, August)

Weekdays: $1700
Weekends: $4000